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Regarding Recent Events

I hope this entry finds you and yours healthy, safe, and whole.



Here at Henrietta's Yarn House, we are blessed to be in a position where current Shelter-At-Home orders haven't really affected us.  Since HYH was already a family-owned business working out of our home offices, we have been able to continue offering the same customer-focused service we always have.



While there have yet to be any definitive studies that demonstrate Covid-19 can travel via packages, we want you to know that we are minimizing risk by having only our immediate family handling your yarn.  Our inventory has always been stored in protective containers, and we have implemented additional disinfectant practices to our usual hygienic processes.  As much as we love Henrietta and her furry siblings, none of them has ever set foot inside our storerooms!



Many of our suppliers are still shipping, though they have stopped production on their yarn. As a result, much of our normal stock has gone into back order - please be patient, and know that we are in contact with our suppliers, who will resume production of yarn once it is safe for their workers.



As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns! We love to hear from our customers.



In the meantime, Henrietta is enjoying the fact that I'm home with her all day, even though she doesn't quite understand the concept of social distancing.



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